Angel Numbers

Do you ever notice the same number or number sequences over and over? Or how many times have you made a wish when you see the clock says 11:11? These sequences are known as "angel numbers". I never really thought anything of these numbers until the past year when I began noticing the number "912" every single day, multiple times per day. So many times that it became a "joke" with my husband (and fellow investigator) and I. And coincidentally (or not) our first kiss on September 12th (912) also. The past two years of my life have been hectic and difficult for many reasons. One big significant factor though was that I lost my grandmother, also a believer in the paranormal, whom I was very clos

Upcoming Investigation: The Hinsdale House

A little over one year ago now, the three of us attended the Nick Groff Tour event at Pennhurst State School and Hospital in Spring City, Pennsylvania. At the Q&A session, Nick Groff spoke to us about his new show, "Paranormal Lockdown" and told a chilling story about one of the locations, which he could not name at the time. He told us the story of how he began to have nightmares and strange occurrences happen in his home for weeks after filming ended. Ultimately, he had his home and himself saged (for the first time ever, I believe) and shared with us one way to cleanse yourself of negative energy by salting the bottom of your bathtub and soaking your feet into it while you shower. I immed


It's finally here! The Until Dawn Paranormal official website and blog. Hopefully you've already had the chance to check us out on Facebook and Instagram. Here, we plan on bringing you the latest news on all things weird and paranormal, and we will also be posting our own investigation updates and evidence and a whole lot more! Please send us your stories, photos, evidence, anything! We are always interested in hearing from others and talking about more our experiences. Thanks for checking us out. Stay tuned!

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