Oriskany Battlefield

In the small town of Oriskany, NY, there lives an ominous and bloody tale of a battle that took place years ago in the late 1700’s. Rarely mentioned in the history books, but a story that would mark history and the innocent grounds of this park of Upstate New York for years to come. The Battle of Oriskany took place during a significant turning point in the War of Independence, fought on August 6, 1777. It has been described as one of the bloodiest battles of the war (park.ny.gov). The story of The Battle of Oriskany follows General Nicholas Herkimer who “assembled 800 militiamen, supported by 60 allied Oneida warriors” to march “from Fort Dayton to aid against the siege” while the British

Animal Spirits

We’ve all wondered, “do dogs go to heaven?”, but here at Until Dawn Paranormal we’ve wondered, “can dogs become ghosts?” There have been actual accounts of animals becoming spirits after they pass away, maybe you have even experienced such a phenomenon itself. But, this also begs the question, “are there ghost insects then?” Probably not. When thinking of animal spirits, we are thinking of intelligent animals which are more likely to have an aware consciousness that is able to understand that it is indeed an animal. It is also important to take into consideration that the reasoning for humans to stay on this earth, is most likely the same reasoning for an animal. There is usually evidence of

Valentine’s Day Special - The Haunted Love Story of Chester Gilette and Grace Brown

Our American Haunted Love Story begins with the Gilette family, our main suitor of interest, Chester Gilette, was born on August 9, 1883 to Louisa and Frank Gilette. He was born and raised in Wix, Montana, which was a silver mining town at the time where his father worked in the mines. Louisa would say that Chester, as a child, was active and irresponsible, but he was also to be trusted. When Chester was at the age of three, his family moved to Spokane, Washington where is father would operate an express company out of a restaurant. Unfortunately, after a grave fire that engulfed the town, the Gilette family was left broke and homeless, forced to join the Salvation Army. Eventually, when Che

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