Upcoming Investigation: The Hinsdale House

A little over one year ago now, the three of us attended the Nick Groff Tour event at Pennhurst State School and Hospital in Spring City, Pennsylvania. At the Q&A session, Nick Groff spoke to us about his new show, "Paranormal Lockdown" and told a chilling story about one of the locations, which he could not name at the time. He told us the story of how he began to have nightmares and strange occurrences happen in his home for weeks after filming ended. Ultimately, he had his home and himself saged (for the first time ever, I believe) and shared with us one way to cleanse yourself of negative energy by salting the bottom of your bathtub and soaking your feet into it while you shower. I immediately made a mental note of that advice for future reference.

Fast forward to April 1, 2016 when the Hinsdale House episode of "Paranormal Lockdown" airs on Destination America. It was by far one of the most on-edge episodes of any paranormal television show I have ever seen. Seeing how worked up Nick and co-host, Katrina Weidman, were throughout the episode was really odd and terrifying. The fact that Lorraine Warren herself told them to "go to church" before entering the house has us shaken up enough before the initial investigation even begins. I don't want to give anything away for those of you who may not have seen the episode, but Destination America is constantly playing re-runs so try and catch the episode when you can!

Well, of course after we finished watching and realized it was in New York State, we said, "Let's GO!" We immediately contacted the owner of the Hinsdale House and set up our investigation for late summer. Let's fill you in on a bit of the Hinsdale history, shall we?

In the 1970's, the Dandy family moved into the old house located in Hinsdale, New York. Also located near known Indian burial grounds. The family began experiencing supernatural events almost right off the bat. The family heard noises, found that their belongings were disappearing, lights and faucets would turn on and off randomly. They also witnessed full body human apparitions, as well as animal-like creatures. They even heard chanting in the nearby woods, but nobody was out there. Eventually, the experiences turned more violent. It is said that one morning two of the children woke up with burns on their bodies that could not be explained.

The Dandy's began to fear for their lives and called Fr. Alphonsus Trabold of St. Bonaventure University for help. After hearing the family's stories and experiencing some things on his own account, he in fact believed that the house was possessed by an entity and decided to perform an exorcism. Family members, researchers and a film crew were also present for the exorcism of the home and afterward, the activity stopped. However, this only lasted a few weeks and eventually the family moved out.

Clara Dandy, now known as Clara Miller, wrote a book about her time living in the Hinsdale House. I have yet to read it, but it is on my list to have done before our private investigation. You can pick up the Kindle version for $8.69 by clicking here!

Apparently, families that lived in the house after the Dandy's did not live their very long either. Other horrifying events that occurred at the Hinsdale House after the initial exorcism include a man who was murdered by his own brother in the woods, a young boy that was accidentally killed with a buzz saw, and supposedly is near the site of a hanging of a young woman which happened over one hundred years ago.

We are seriously looking forward to this investigation, but I will admit, I personally am a little apprehensive now. We are trying to get ourselves mentally prepared to spend the night in this home that has a serious, sinister energy strong enough to drive out multiple families. When we visited Pennhurst again last month with the Nick Groff Tour, we spoke with Nick about our concerns. His advice was to go in open-minded, but stay guarded and be careful. I am really excited to find out more about this location and hopefully contribute some good evidence to their collection of paranormal findings in the Hinsdale House so we can really find out why this place is SO haunted.

Stay tuned!

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