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In April 2016, the Hinsdale House was featured on Destination America's Paranormal Lockdown starring renowned paranormal investigators, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman. After watching the episode, we immediately contacted Dan Klaes, the current owner of the Hinsdale House, and booked our own private investigation for the end of August. The day after my birthday actually, what a great way to celebrate! For months we looked forward to seeing what this place was all about!

After months of waiting and researching, the day finally arrived. We packed the car and hit the road for what turned out to be a beautiful four hour ride out to Hinsdale, New York. Once we pulled off the highway and made the trek up the hill, we were all a little on edge. When we arrived, we decided it'd be best to back the car in just in case we needed to make a quick exit! The house is in an amazing location. I can see why families didn't want to leave this spot. Quiet. Scenic. Who wouldn't love to live here?

Our Guided Tour...

Michele, the house manager, greeted us warmly and gave us a great tour of the house and property. She has been investigating the house for years and is very attached to it. It's really great that there are passionate people like Dan and Michele to take care of these type of locations. Steve decided to stay outside and not participate in the tour so he would remain neutral. He was the only one in our group that night that hadn't seen the television episode or done any research prior to our investigation.

Katrina Weidman and Nick Groff of Paranormal Lockdown at the Hinsdale House. Photo Credit:

During our tour, Michele showed us where the famous exorcism of the house took place by Father Alphonsus, a priest from St. Bonaventure University, in 1974. It is said that the house "came alive" during the exorcism, lights flashing, unexplained noises through the walls and paranormal activity was off the charts. There were a few calm days after the exorcism of the house, but the activity eventually started up again.

We went upstairs to the master bedroom and Michele told us that this is one of the most active spots in the house. She told us the story of a father and son who lived in the house and one day the son tried to hang himself in the closet. The father found him before it was too late, but they left the house for good immediately after, supposedly leaving all of their belongings behind.

If you watched the Paranormal Lockdown episode, you know that a lot of activity occurred in Mary's room upstairs. After having met Nick Groff multiple times, we all believe he is a very genuine person and don't think that he would "make up" anything for television. Things may be exaggerated or edited to look a certain way, but his reactions in Mary's room (or the entire house for that matter) were very intense. We have also heard other encounters from investigators that have felt unsafe in Mary's room. Personally, I felt at ease in Mary's room compared to the rest of the house and the other members of our group did as well. It makes you wonder why some people can feel or attract something so negative and others have completely opposite encounters. What is the deal with this room?

A look inside Mary's room at the Hinsdale House.

We went up in the woods where a lot of activity seems to take place. The Dandy children used to hear singing or chanting and others have reported hearing the same thing to this day. And then we took a walk around the pond. Back in the 1800's, the Hinsdale House was an Inn on the stagecoach trail that ran from New York City to Buffalo. There were two men who would rob the stagecoaches and murder the travelers. It is said that they would store bodies in the house's attic crawl space and basement during the winter when they couldn't be buried. Laura Dandy also had a premonition while swimming in the pond as a young girl. Her and her friends saw a woman in black standing near the pond and they yelled for Laura to get out and run away with them. Laura then stated "I am going to die soon anyway". She passed away in her early 30's and it is believed that she still wanders the Hinsdale house, the home she loved.

Out by the pond before nightfall.

The Investigation...

At approximately 8PM, we wrapped up our tour and gathered outside in front of the house to say our team prayer. We started our investigation in the living room and introduced ourselves to the spirits of the Hinsdale House. The living room was eerily quiet. We sat there for quite some time trying to make any sort of connections with no such luck.

After sweeping through the house, we decided to head outside. As soon as we stepped out the back door, Steph and I stated at the same time how we could see our breath which was strange because it was about 65 degrees outside still at this time. Steph stayed down by the house to take some photographs while the rest of us ventured on up into the woods.

Did you hear anything? In the video, we hear a breathing or sigh noise a few times throughout the recording. Shortly after, Steph had yelled to us to head back down to the fire with her because she was getting some response and said the energy had changed down there.

Right in the beginning of the EVP above, you hear a faint voice talking over her when she is saying, "alright, I am outside by the fire by myself..." and then shortly after, a voice telling her to "stop" (0:06). They say there are Native American spirits that are outside of the property from way back when. We believe it may have been one of them that was trying to communicate with her, or not communicate I guess.

Here is another EVP clip that we can't quite make out, but you can clearly hear a voice trying to speak while Steph is talking.

Throughout the night, I had been complaining of a headache, leaving me lightheaded and weak. By this time, my head was throbbing so we decided to take a break by the fire and just relax and listen. I was literally falling asleep (there is embarrassing video proof that will not be shown here!) at one point which is not like me at all, especially in an uncomfortable folding chair with pitch black woods just feet from me. Everybody was actually pretty drained and it was only about midnight. After sitting for a while around the fire and being alone with our thoughts, everybody jumped as we heard a loud noise in the woods and decided it was best to head back inside and not figure out what that was.

We all became increasingly tired and irritable while investigating more inside of the house as the hours passed. Eventually, we could barely keep our eyes focused, let alone stay alert and open to any possible paranormal occurrences that may happen around us so we gave in and decided to head back to our hotel to grab a couple hours of sleep. We locked up and told the spirits we'd be back early in the morning so get some rest.

When we were about a mile or two down the road, we all began to wake up. My headache was almost instantly gone. Everybody stated how much better they were feeling actually. It almost seemed like the house was trying to make us leave. It knew if we were pushed enough, we would just get out, which makes us definitely regret that we left now. We would have liked to have stuck it out, but there's always next time.

6AM rolled around and we grabbed our coffee and went back up to the house. We hit up the living room first with some faint voices, but nothing solid. Still, more than last night. Then, moved upstairs and began a Spirit Box session. I became strangely agitated and decided to take a walk downstairs and take some photos. From the kitchen, I heard a response over the Spirit Box say "Seven" when they asked a question. I slowly made my way back up the stairs as what sounded like another response came through, along with a spike on the Mel Meter of 4.4mG. Once I was in the master bedroom with the rest of the group, all activity seemed to cease.

The rest of the group told me to ask some questions. I took the recorder and stood in the closet doorway. After I say, "...hang on, I'm recording on this", we hear a voice saying "not again!" Could this be the same spirit making me feel sick and agitated on and off throughout this investigation? It was finally telling us off at least!

Next, we all went to different spots in the house. Steph went to Mike's room, Steve in the living room, Kevin in the master bedroom, and I in Mary's room. We all sat quiet while Steph began rolling on her recorder. In the beginning of her recording she states what room she is and it seems as though the spirit mimics her. Listen below.

At the same time Steph was getting a response on the recorder, upstairs in the master bedroom, Kevin had a 13.8mG reading on the Mel Meter. This was the highest reading we have ever recorded as a group and we have no other explanation for the sudden jump.

After this, it was just about time for us to start wrapping up our investigation. Steve, Kevin and I went outside to take a final walk around the property while Steph took some photos and whatnot inside. She went into the bathroom to wash her hands and clean up when the basement door, located directly next to the toilet, began to shake and rattle as though someone was trying to open it. She took off outside and called for us to come back in and check it out, but we could not find any explanation for the door.

Until Dawn Paranormal. Top (L to R): Steve, Kevin, Dan. Bottom (L to R): Crystal, Steph.


There is a lot of strange energy at the Hinsdale house. It was a very memorable investigation for all of us and we all experienced something interesting. We had a great time and are thankful for the evidence we were able to capture and can't wait to return in 2017!

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