Upcoming Investigation: Historic Palmyra

Well, unfortunately our March investigation of the Houghton Mansion was postponed to May due to Winter Storm Stella and renovations at the mansion, but at least we don't have to wait long for the next hunt!

This month, we will be heading back out to Palmyra, New York to investigate at the Historic Phelps General Store and Museum. This time we will be bringing a few more members, some new equipment and refined techniques.

If you haven't read our blog on the evidence we captured at this location, please check that out here! We caught some pretty remarkable EVPs and multiple instances of members being touched. This time, we are hoping to capture something visual since the kids were so interactive with us on our previous visit. However, we are also going in knowing capturing something visual is a one in a million chance!


We have fixed up our full spectrum camera lighting equipment and are coming prepared with many more batteries this time! Dan has also purchased a FLIR One Thermal Imaging attachment for an iPad. We have seen this used in investigations before and can't wait to try it out. For those of you who do not know, thermal imaging is a method of improving visibility of objects in a dark environment by detecting the objects' infrared radiation and creating an image based on that information. So, for "ghost hunting", the idea is that a hot spot or cold spot could possibly indicate a spirit is present. However, we must take the surroundings and our own actions into account before confirming or denying a spirit is what we are seeing.

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming investigations!

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