Poltergeist Activity

Have you ever seen that video of the young girl was drawing peacefully in her living room when the paper on the desk started moving on its own? If you didn’t, check it out below:

Many people will argue if this activity truly happened or not, but this is a perfect example of poltergeist activity. According to the dictionary, a poltergeist is “a ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around.” But, what is it about this activity that makes it poltergeist and not a haunting?

According to ThoughtCo., it’s important to first understand that a haunting is due to the result of spirit energy, while poltergeist activity is due to “recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis” which is the result of psychic energy generated by a person. Usually this person causing the activity is completely unaware of the causation. “Various kinds of stresses can be the cause of this activity, including emotional, physical, psychological, and even hormonal stresses” (ThoughtCo.). Common signs of a poltergeist will be; disappearing objects, objects levitating or thrown, scents and odors, electrical interference, power from nowhere, knocks and other noises (typically loud), and physical attacks (ThoughtCo.). This is of course the most popular explanation to these phenomenas today, however, Stranger Dimensions has some other possible natural explanations; infrasound (the fear frequency), air currents, vibrations caused by underground water currents, sonic booms by aircraft passing overhead, electromagnetic disturbances, seismic activity, and ball lighting.

So, what do you do when you believe there is a poltergeist in your home or in a friend’s home? As much as Until Dawn Paranormal wants to help, we are probably not the most fit for solving an already established poltergeist. Instead, Psychokinesis Powers provides some great methods:

  • Exorcism: There are some priests who still practice exorcisms today. While this may help a little, it is not always guaranteed because exorcisms are usually practiced to rid of demons or spirits.

  • Counseling: Sensing the poltergeist is usually caused by stress, it may be helpful to seek counseling for the person undergoing the most stress.

Poltergeist activity can be scary but in all honesty it is not something to be fearful of, it is something to pay attention to and to work on the emotional status of the people living in your home. It may also help to stop watching poltergeist films because the activity is grossly misinterpreted (only for entertainment purposes). But overall it is usually curable. Stay safe and be sure to always take care of your mental well being!

Janet Hodgson supposedly levitating above her bed due to Poltergeist activity at her home in Enfield, England.

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