Animal Spirits

We’ve all wondered, “do dogs go to heaven?”, but here at Until Dawn Paranormal we’ve wondered, “can dogs become ghosts?” There have been actual accounts of animals becoming spirits after they pass away, maybe you have even experienced such a phenomenon itself. But, this also begs the question, “are there ghost insects then?” Probably not. When thinking of animal spirits, we are thinking of intelligent animals which are more likely to have an aware consciousness that is able to understand that it is indeed an animal. It is also important to take into consideration that the reasoning for humans to stay on this earth, is most likely the same reasoning for an animal. There is usually evidence of a human passing into the spirit world after a tragic event or some unfinished business, whereas for an animal, it may be because of the love it shared with its owner. This is why there are more frequent accounts of pets passing on into the spirit world. There is also something to be said about the emotional implications, that animals have real feelings which we can see when an animal will cry for their owner to come home, or will sob and lay next to a grave of their owner who passed, or some animals who won’t eat after the death of  a loved one. If humans are assumed to have a soul that lives on in the afterlife, in heaven or in spirit, then it isn’t that crazy to believe an animal of which once had such love for their owner would as well.

So, how would you know you were haunted by your dead pet? Most likely the presence would be familiar. Famous accounts have been hearing the breathing, meowing, or whimpering of their long lost pet. Other accounts recognize the sound of paws patting the floor, or smelling their lost pet near. It is also very important to remember the effects of grief on a person when a beloved pet passes away. This same phenomenon is caused after a loved family member passes. Those who have lost the loved one will begin to want to see their passed relative or pet as a means of coping with the traumatic loss of someone so near and dear. Many accounts of animals passing away show that the activity seems to dissipate after a while, as the individual has most likely healed from the grieving process.

With all this being said, there is reason to believe that animal spirits may exist and that it should be taken into consideration when doing an investigation. You never know what more needs to be discovered!

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