Dowsing Rods

This week’s review on Paranormal Tech reviews an older technology. While many of us are more familiar with the recent technology of today, including Ghost Hunters, it is important to review what was used before we had Digital Recorders and EMF Detectors. Today we are going over Dowsing Rods.

An example of these being used for paranormal exploration can be shown in this video from our previous investigation at Historic Palmyra in November 2016. At one point, while Steph was holding the rods and Crystal was standing in front of her, Crystal felt something brush against her leg. Nothing was close enough for her to bump into and she was holding the video camera which shows she was not moving. One of the rods was pointing directly at Crystal and crossed when we asked, “Are you standing next to Crystal?" In the video you will also see that as Kevin asks "Mitchell, if you're here can you uncross those rods?" an orb manifests in front of the rods and moves toward the lower right of the frame as they uncross.

According to Live Science, the term, “dowsing”, is most familiar with “water dowsing, or water witching, in which a person holds a Y-shaped branch, or the wire rods cross, at which point water is allegedly below.” The rumor is that “dowsing is said to find anything and everything” (Live Science). Dowsing wasn’t just used for these matters, however. It is known to be very useful in paranormal investigation when looking for “yes” or “no” answers. With that being said, the science of the dowsing rods has to be explained to know if it is reliable or not. According to Live Science, “though some people swear by dowsing’s effectiveness, dowsers have been subjected to many tests over the years and have performed no better than chance under controlled conditions. It’s not surprising that water can often be found with dowsing rods, since if you dig deep enough you’ll find water just about anywhere.”

With this being said some people still sweat by it. Dowsing may not be an exact science but it is something that is still being looked into and has had some strange and unexplainable coincidences happen with it. We may not know for sure, but it is still something to experimented with.

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